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Confirm Order

View Order

  • Administrator will review and notify buyer by email
  • Click [View my order] or [My Account] > [My Order] to view order

Order Approved

  • Once order approved, buyer will received an email to pay deposit.
  • Payment Button will appear in [My Order]
  • Click [Payment Details]
  • Confirm details then click [Make Payment] to proceed

Paypal Payment

  • Click [Proceed to payment] to 'PayPal' payment
  • Log in PayPal ID & Pay Now

Payment Successful

  • After payment is successful, Buyer will receive email receipt and balance payment.

Balance Payment

  • Proceed to balance payment for car to be ship out.

Shipping Document

  • Upon successful payment, buyer will received another email receipt & shipping document.
  • Buyer Collect Car at destination port.
  • Click [SELL YOUR CAR]
  • Step 1 : Fill in Vehicle details
  • Step 2 : Upload Vehicle Images
  • Step 3 : Fill in Account Details
  • Step 4 : Submit Vehicle

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